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Our aquarium will always be amazing, providing a must-see sustainable attraction that contributes to education, conservation and biodiversity.

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is dedicated to sustaining the environment. As an attraction that is devoted solely to the marine environment, it demonstrates environmentally sound practice in every area of its operation.

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium treats its animals as an educational resource, presenting its animals alongside educative programs, which inform the public on the biology, status and conservation problems of the species.

World Ocean's Week

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium extended World Ocean's Day celebrations from Friday 8 June until Friday 15 June, spreading the clean ocean message throughout our very own World Ocean's Week.

One of the highlights was our "pledge wall". We asked visitors to pledge their commitment to keeping our oceans healthy. The result was fantastic, with hundreds of visitors suggesting various ways in which they can help keep the ocean clean, from initiatives at home to how they can look after their local beach and waterways. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed!


Our conservation initiatives:

Education Programs: Underwater Zoo

Curriculum-based education programs from early childhood to tertiary level, educating tens of thousands of students every year.

Turtle Rescue And Rehabilitation Program

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is proud to be voluntarily involved in the rehabilitation and release of sea turtles under government authorisation. Please click here for more information.

Sub-Antarctic Penguin Breeding Program

The success of the penguin breeding program is a direct result of the passion and dedication of SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium staff. It is also testament to the health, welfare and comfort of the penguins living within the state-of-the-art exhibit.

Weedy Seadragon Breeding Program

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium joins only three other aquariums in the world in successfully breeding Weedy seadragons in captivity.

Five Star Initiatives

In line with SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium's Conservation Strategy, Five Star Functions promotes sustainability, conservation of marine life and the health of the environment throughout all of its business practices.

These initiatives include:

  • When creating the delicious seasonal menus, focusing on always selecting sustainable seafood and sourcing local produce in an effort to reduce Melbourne Aquarium's carbon footprint;
  • Sourcing 100% Australian fresh meat and seafood, and also working closely with local farmers;
  • All bread is locally sourced and organic;
  • Sourcing the majority of fruit and vegetables from Victoria; and
  • Using only green chemicals in the kitchen


As well as the above, out breath-taking function spaces house hundreds of amazing aquatic animals. By displaying these animals, we seek to inspire guests to learn more about our underwater world, with interpretive signage communicating messages of conservation.

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